Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wires of Our Nerves

A lot of the new ugh-fi, bathed in reverb ‘shit-gaze’ bands fail for the same reasons that their predecessors did; the murk isn’t that murky and even when it is the hooks aren’t razor-sharp enough to cut through. And I realise that Crystal Stilts, Vivien Girls et al see some sort of correlation between Spector’s Wall of Sound and their own Wall of Shit but really, can we let the Ronettes drum-patterns and girl group sprecht-song drop? Face it: The Jesus and Mary Chain were always weak sauce.

All of which is a really tangential way of saying that I wish “Living Wage” by Richmond, Virginia’s Nerve City was recorded loud because under the boombox aesthetic it’s one of the catchiest, play-ten-times-in-a-row garage rock jams I’ve heard in years. The fact it bears a title that makes it sound like some lost Thatcher-era anarcho-punk track only makes it more endearing.

Nerve City – Living Wage [ysi]

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