Friday, June 05, 2009

Dirty Black Psummer

We’ve talked about Chicago’s Cave here before and since they’ve released a heavy new album Psychic Psummer let’s speak of them again.

As befits the title Psychic Psummer is a lighter record than last years Hunt Like Devil, still monomaniacal in chasing a single chord down the rabbit hole but airier and less in thrall to a basement-dwelling caveman ughthetic. If the first albums jams suggested an aircraft in a holding pattern over a decaying industrial city at dusk, this time it’s over green and yellow fields of crops at dawn.

I still bet if you met the band in person they’d smell of sour bongwater and too many roll-up cigarettes though.

Cave – Requiem for John Sex [ysi]

Ugly MySpace Buy

I’m guessing this might be the guy they’re jamming about:

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