Monday, May 11, 2009

Pop-Cap: Hector & Bryant – Tension 12”

Unfair record review concepts number one in a series of seventeen:

“Tension” is the first 12” release from the label arm of London dance music store Phonica, a shop I’ve dropped a wad of cash to over the past few years. And often I’ve dropped that cash directly into the paw of Hector. So how does his 12” compare to his counter service?

Well, both take their time to accomplish their tasks, “Tension” brooding on fuzzy middle distance dubbed-out chords and bass clonk for over eight minutes, and Hector leisurely ambling down the counter to fetch whatever I’m after.

Otherwise they couldn’t be further apart; “Tension” is single minded and focussed, never deviating but getting more and more caught up in the web of its own echoes. It certainly doesn’t sound like if it scored a job in a busy record shop it would carry on a conversation with other members of staff despite the fact that someone was standing in front of it with a bunch of records or stop midway through ringing stuff up in order to have a five minute conversation with some other customer it knows.

(The only other ‘celeb’ I’ve bought records from is one of I Monster. He was pretty good so long as you were buying prog).


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