Friday, May 22, 2009

People in Flames Don’t Eat Quiche

That someone would mix the top-end of redux shoegazing murk with dubstep rhythms was a given, what’s surprising is that instead of it being someone like School of Seven Bells stumbling over a new beat to use, it came from within dubstep. (And let’s not call it shoe-step). Released on Scuba’s longstanding Hotflush label, Mount Kimbie’s “Maybes” opens with repeated clangs of foghorn guitar that sound like they are being played from the top of a lighthouse and recorded from a damp beach a couple of miles away. This is the epic mountainside guitar of pomp-rock suddenly sodden and sorry for itself until the pops and sharp jerks of the drums force it into life.

Second side title “Taps” could describe the funeral march pace or the way that the rhythms sound like something constructed from the sound of a dripping tap as a Tomorrows World demonstration of the possibilities of sampling. At times static and sketchlike, Maybes is the perfect title for this EP; ideas in miniature begging for expansion.

Mount Kimbie - Maybes [ysi]

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