Saturday, May 09, 2009


One of the few good things to ever turn up in the Rocktimists inbox is this SirBilly edit of Dead or Alive’s 1982 UK Indie Chart hit “The Stranger”. Although Pete Burns was the singer, Dead or Alive’s main songwriter and guitarist at this point was Wayne Hussey, later of flour-covered goths The Mission, and it really shows in the original versions surfeit of chorused guitar arpeggios. In this edit SirBilly shears the guitar fluff and concentrates on chopping and dubbing the drum machine beat.

I’d never considered it before but Pete Burns pretty good tranny act and Wayne Hussy’s spag-bol gothic get-up do both obviously have their origin in the same Liverpool post-punk look (with Echo and the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch being the midway point between them).

Dead Or Alive - The Stranger (SirBilly Liverpool Edit) [ysi]

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