Tuesday, May 12, 2009

“Insane Beauty”, Like One Says On Our Premises

Desire - Oxygene [ysi]

A couple of days ago my physical copy of the seven track version of Desire’s self-titled CD arrived. One of the tracks that never made it to the internet was “Oxygene” and I naturally figured that it would be a slowed down but dancefloor ready version of the Jean Michel Jarre track that that originally got me into electronic music in the first place (thanks to its use in a train based C64 computer game).

Instead, Desire singer Megan Louise is keeping it Quebcois; this “Oxygene” is a French language slow ballad with synths wavering like sob-racked lungs which is a cover of a song by Montreal singer Diane Dufresne who has been performing since the late 60s.

I couldn’t track down an MP3 of the Dufresne original, or even that much about her, but check out this amazing live YouTube for:
Dufresne’s nuts Devo-rutting-with-Klaus-Nomi costume
An audience that’s equal parts Last Night at the Proms and Boys from the Blackstuff
And, if you click through, the YouTube commentariat getting heated about whether Daphne or Celine is Canada’s queen bee

Oh, and fuck it, here is a disco version of Jarre’s Oxygene:

Mc Lane Explosion - Oxygene (Special Greg Wilson Re-Edit) [ysi]

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