Thursday, May 21, 2009

External Scaffold of Pox

Just reissued under the rubric of being “Carl Craig’s favourite album” is Bernard Szajner’s Some Deaths Last Forever from 1980. It’s an album of naïve melodies, raw arpeggiator grot and the sort of clean and snaking guitar noodling that seems to be many post-prog musicians immediate response to the mechanisation of their craft (definitive example: Manuel Göttsching’s E2-E4).

Szajner’s most famous album is Visions of Dune (recorded under the name ZED) which was inspired by the Frank Herbert’s SF book series and recorded with members of Magma. Analogue synthesis as landscape recurs here but interiorised, although the track “Ritual” is also not too far geographically from the urban wasteland of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York, albeit mixed with an Eno-type melody.

Bernard Szajner - Ritual [ysi]

Bernard Szajner - The Memory [ysi]

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Oh, and even if Szajner had never made any records he’d still go down in history as the inventor of the greatest instrument of the 20th century, the Laser Harp:


Anonymous said...

Expo Szajner, Paris III, 2009-09-04 > 2009-10-31

Szajner still records music, see also : and ...

bernard szajner said...

my God,

why do so many people spend so much time writing on my past ? The future is already now, of course... And the laser harp, this visual lure just good enough for JMJ, who cares ?

bernard szajner