Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dyed with the Urine of Phil Collins and the Blood of Jerry Garcia

It always feels like a cheat calling out summer jams before I’ve even had a chance to determine what kind of summer it’s going to be, but since I was sweating like a rapist just walking out to get some onions to use in tonight’s stuffed courgettes I’m gonna plump for one. It’s from DFA, a record label one wouldn’t have tagged as a generator of tracks to listen to in the baking sunshine in their first few years of existence, but it’s from their 12” hook-up series with Rong records and they’re a little more daylight sometimes.

The original of DJ Kaos’s “Love the Night Away” skates by nicely like The Scorpions attempting a vocal cover of Simple Minds “Theme from Great Cities” but it’s the version by Sweden’s Tiedye (who have released a couple of one-sided 12”s on Italians Do It Better) that really hits that sweet spot. The vocal from the slightly stiff, Teutonic original is kept then dropped wetly on top of more Balearic and yacht rock sleight-of-hand than any song this side of Studio’s remix of Kylie. Bongoes, then popping bass, delicious cocktail piano runs, flighty synth arpeggios, echo vox and, best of all, twin lead guitar solos are all present and correct. It’s a track pumped up to the point of bursting, but only to force one to roll down the windows on the Mondeo and let the sound outside to the people where it belongs.

(And how did it take me so long to realise that Tiedye isn’t a Swedish word but something that you probably don’t want to do your t-shirts?)

DJ Kaos - Love the Night Away (Tiedye Mix) [ysi]

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