Monday, April 06, 2009

Rocktimix 01 – Death to the 20th Century

I’ve just moved house. The number one lesson I learned is that owning over two-and-a-half-thousand vinyl LPs and 12”s is abject idiocy. By the time I’d shifted them out of a basement into a van, then out of a van and upstairs in the new house I hated them more than I obviously must hate myself in order to end up with them in the first place. Possibly I should have learned this the previous three times I moved house.

One thing I did find was a stash of CD-Rs of mixes that I’d made in the past and because the one thing the internet lacks is blogs posting mixes (and because it still sounds good) here’s one of them. In fact it’s the first mix I ever did, on Valentine’s Day 2004. I’d like to brag that there was a hot chick waiting in my bed for me when I was done, but I’m pretty sure I retired to a lumpy futon alone.

The only reason I made it was because a friend of mine made an all-prog mix and after listening I drunkenly claimed I could make a make a mix that could stamp his into the dirt. Which I did. He may have had DJ skills, decks and a mixer but I had the nous not to mix in Hanna-Barbera themes after King Crimson. This first mix was actually rejected by him though, on the grounds that instead of very much recognisably prog it consists of radiophonica, psych-pop, Stereolabia (<-- the punchline to a funny Lætitia Sadier gag) and tracks that sample or are by Grand Funk Railroad. The actual all-prog mix will follow tomorrow.
Oneida – Turn It Up (Loud)
Japanese Noise Band – At Random
Ray Cathode – Time Beat
Guiliano Sorgini – John Dalton Street
Broadcast – Test Area
Bleekmen – Untitled (Side A)
Metabolist – Identify
DJ Shadow – Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip Hop
Goblin – Mad Puppet
Paul Lansky – Mild und Liese
Bob Seger – Dr Fine
Mouth – Catch a Cab
Avalanches – Yamaha Superstar
The Horizontalist – Sudden Death Overdrive
Stereolab – Dear Marge
Mainhorse – More Tea Vicar
Bleekmen – Untitled (Side B)
Clearspot – Moonman Bop
Atomic Rooster – The Rock
Grand Funk Railroad – Nothing is the same
Bob Seger- 2+2=
The Equals – Stand Up and Be Counted
Rocktimix 01 – Death to the 20th Century [ysi]

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