Thursday, April 23, 2009

Neutral and Independent

Sir Richard Bishop - Ka'an Azzaman [ysi]

Omar Khorshid - Ka'an Azzaman [ysi]

Here's a simple compare and contrast between a track from ex-Sun City Girl Sir Richard Bishop's forthcoming album The Freak of Araby and the piece by Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid that it covers. Both are sumptious and spacey pieces of guitar and percussion and for once Bishop may have been out-freaked.

Bishop writes:
When I began my recording session back in December the first song I recorded was “Ka’an Azzaman” which is a cover song written by Elias Rahbani, born in 1938 and one of Lebanon’s finest song writers, arrangers and composers (I am half Lebanese just so you know). The version of this song that I was familiar with was an instrumental version by late Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid (1945-1981) who is one of my favorite guitar players of all time, and quite unknown to a lot of people.

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