Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Engineers of Desire

Desire – Under Your Spell [ysi]

Another year, another project from disco king Johnny Jewel who really is taking the Italians Do It Better label name/bumper sticker to heart when it comes to fertility. I suppose that they do say of him that “he has no decision, he’s just trying to sell a vision”. As Desire (and there’s only fifteen other artists called that in Discogs) he has recruited Montreal based singer Megan Louise for more tracks that mine his characteristic pensive synth and echoed-guitar disco sound. Desire are breezier and poppier than the emotionally spaced-out Chromatics and lack the occasional Southern rap keyboards of Glass Candy. As with the Jewel produced Farah 12” the tracks are occasionally dual language but this time it’s the more pop-friendly French rather than Farsi. There is something very teenage about Desire, something gauche and about feelings being felt for the very first time. Synthetics strings keep things buoyant whilst Megan Louise sings with an easy melancholy glide that makes shopworn lyrics about being under a spell and “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all” slip down easier than they possibly should.

There is another excellent Desire song for download from the Italians Do It Better blog.

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