Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did I Mention My Woman?

Chris Hodge – We’re On Our Way [ysi]

Like Bobby Gentry’s “Fancy”, “We’re On Our Way” is a work of compact maximalism that sometimes plays out like a list of how many of my favourite ingredients are crammed into it’s two minutes fifty seconds: choir, bongos, sitar, organ and a guitar figure a bit like the one on The Thirteenth Floor Elevators “Slip Inside This House” for starters. Plus enough oohs and aahs for a seventies German porno, and despite most of the lyrics being a goofy UFO fantasy Hodge still manages to inform the listener that his “woman’s a sexy lady, she makes love like a dream”.

Currently Hodge’s super-minimal homepage (resplendent with non-functioning buttons to buy from i-Tunes) is Google ranked below “Chris Hodge used trucks, commercial vehicles, lorries, vans, trailers and prime movers” but in 1972 Hodge must have thought he had it made after being signed to the Beatles Apple Records label. Instead he went nowhere with this sole release, possibly because his whole shtick seems so much more 60s than 70s, or possibly because he had the wrong backers at Apple—Ringo discovered him and, weirdly, Yoko’s ex-husband produced the track. Still, dope as fuck and there are cheap picture sleeve copies on e-Bay all the time.

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