Friday, March 27, 2009

Prefab Sprout – Bonny (Leo Zero Edit)

There’s a lot of past out there now, more than ever, but it still runs out sometimes. A little over a decade ago rap producers found themselves running out of breakbeats and stabs to sample and make tracks with and obsessive psych collectors found themselves having documented every small run freakbeat single and private press prog obscurity. Luckily for both this was the time when radio and TV stations were getting rid of their libraries of vinyl LPs which had been superseded by CD and DAT. This meant that second hand record shops and market stalls—shit, sometimes bins and skips—were suddenly overflowing with library records meant to be used as backing and theme music that were filled with heavy breaks, rough sitar, wah-wah jams and post-Radiophonic Workshop synth-spatter (well sometimes—more often they featured feeble pastoral flute instrumentals and the like). Records that went for pennies when people initially had no clue what these things were (I got a bunch of Jack Arel albums for 50p each) soon escalated in price as collector scum realised that there was a new frontier, more stuff that hadn’t been heard and assimilated.

The disco re-edit scene must be in a mined-out state similar to the psych scene by now. How many disco tracks are there left to fuck with? I’m basing this only on a hunch, but I’m pretty sure that the last three years must have seen more re-edit 12”s released than there had been in all human history up to that point. From the caveman on up. So let’s give props to Leo Zero for looking to one of the least celebrated areas of British music history for one of his recent edits. That is, Mondeo Pop. It might have been the last time white British pop would interact with soul music on its own terms without being retro or ironic, without being embarrassed or losing their nerve but any love for Mondeo Pop has been conspicuously lacking in the recent 80s revival. Lush, glossy arrangements and unashamedly clever lyrics being a little harder to knock out than yet more deadpan vox and cheap keyboard trifle.

Prefab Sprout - Bonny (Leo Zero Edit) [ysi]

The fledgling Facebook Mondeo Pop group is here.

Leo Zero also has a new blog with edits and artwork. The versions of “Moonage Daydream” there are highly recommended. And these are the available Leo Zero records at Phonica.

Here’s a couple of other edits in a similar vein too, although both of these tracks have had some recognition as ‘balearic classics’. I’m a particular fan of the 1981 geezer-ELO of “I’m Not Moving” which is actually even better without the Idjut Boys hawking thick gobs of echo across it.  Let's make it a summer anthem '09.

Phil Collins - I'm Not Moving (Idjut Boys Edit) [ysi]

Chris Rea - On the Beach (Tangoterje Edit) [ysi]


DJ KL said...

Top stuff. I love that Prefab song and it's a really nice edit. Cheers. KL

Westorious said...

ELO did I'm not moving? Ya got a link?? Thanks for the tunes!!