Monday, March 23, 2009

Mix Up

Sometimes it seems all we do at Rocktimists is rep for the raw and squirming Dissident label and whatever mix they’ve currently got up online, but that’s with good reason. Resident Advisor have got a mix from label boss Andy Blake to go with a pretty interesting label profile.

I quit following dancehall about ten minutes after I started paying attention to it in, I dunno, ’05 or so coz nI just haven't got time to go after everything.  Plus it seemed to become really weak about then too.  So now once a year or so I download something like this Heat Wave mix of “over an hour of the most rowdy and x-rated Jamaican bashment from last year mixed in quickfire juggling style” and consider myself an instant expert again.

It’s the same with funky-house, follow behind someone else—in this case Grievous Angel’s “compilation of superb UK funky radio rips”—and have them apply the filter for me.

Last but not least, why not celebrate the sun peeping from behind the clouds long enough to make it worth removing a layer of clothing for with a mix of some of the greatest Mannie Fresh produced Southern rap tracks from over at Crossfaded Bacon.

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