Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mix Up

Currently rocking to:

Rocktimist fave Ali Renault (as part of his Heartbreak duo) has a mix up at Allez-Allez that spans from the League Unlimited Orchestra version of “Things That Dreams Are Made Of” to murdering black metal dimwits Burzum. Burzum have a songtitle that translates as “The Lonesome Mourning of Frigg”. It probably sounds better in the original Norwegian.

Urb have a mix from kosmische-trance dude Alex Moulton whose Exodus was my third fave album of 2008.

Roman “Alter Ego” Flügel has a sorta deep house mix that tries to capture “an entire night in a 50min mix” over at House is a Feeling.

Lastly, the latest mystery mix at the ever reliable DJ History is Afacan Sound System unleashing a load of ultra-obscure Turkish psych and disco tracks. This is the cheeky direct download link.


Meatbreak said...

Ah, did you call Varg Vikernes "murdering black metal dimwits Burzum"? That is a strange description of him. There is only one of Burzum. But you did know that, right? MxBx

Raw Patrick said...

I suppose I should watch out coz he's out the slammer soon.

mike said...

Wow, that Alex Moulton mix is excellent - in fact, I actually prefer it to his album...