Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Clubhouse – Do It Again

Unlike most Rocktimists readers (bar that one guy who lives in Iran) I don’t spin out my days in some city centre nu-media pod where MP3s of trend-setting groups like Crystal Antlers, Crystal Castles and Crystal Stilts are playlisted from a central server. Instead I work in a rail depot where the order of the day is Capital Gold in the morning and Planet Rock in the afternoon, with a bit of Smooth if someone really wants to mix things up.

If you drew a Venn diagram of the music those stations play there’d be the slim total of two groups in the centre where the circles crossover—bands played by all three stations—and both of them great; Fleetwood Mac (‘70s US version) and Steely Dan. The other day Planet Rock played Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” and by about the third minute in (when the solos start) everyone in the room had quieted down and was nodding their head. It was one of those small, perfect moments.

So in celebration here’s a version of “Do It Again”. It’s not the original, as there’s surely a very good chance that you’ve all got it (and it’s not hard to find if you haven’t) but a version that Planet Rock would never play that crasses up the songs undercarriage with the beat and bassline from “Billie Jean”. It’s Italian, from ’83 and by a group that had later releases on Pete Waterman’s label PWL and omnivorous Italo-pop kingpins ZYX. One of the members takes responsibility for at least 32 other aliases. This is maxed-out production-line mersh as it should be done.

Clubhouse – Do It Again (Medley with Billie Jean) [ysi]

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