Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blue Wang Report

When Sick Mouthy wrote a piece on Watchmen that mentioned Billy ‘Big Boy’ Crudup’s digital blue wang I was unprepared for the amount of random Googler action that those simple words would bring. There are a lot of people out there searching for this guy's dick using a word that only a twelve-year-old or cretin would:
blue wang (19 times)
billy crudup blue wang (9 times)
billy crudup's blue wang (4 times)
billy crudup wang (3 times)
giant blue wang (2 times)
"billy crudup" "blue wang"
"watchmen" "blue wang"
atomic blue wang watchmen
billy cruduo blue wang
billy crudup as dr. manhattan blue wang
billy crudup big blue wang
billy crudup blue wang photo
billy crudup in watchmen wang
billy crudup nude pic manhattan blue wang
billy crudup's blue watchmen wang
billy crudup's wang
billy crudup, blue wang, watchmen
billy's blue wang
blue wang guy
crudup wang
crudup, wang
doctor manhattan blue wang
radioactive blue wang
the blue wang
Just imagine the hits Rocktimists might have got if Mouthy hadn’t missed the opportunity to work Billy Crudup’s blue penis, Billy Crudup’s blue dick, Billy Crudup’s blue cock, Billy Crudup’s blue balls or Billy Crudup’s blue pussy in there.

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