Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Your Questions Answered

At Rocktimists we pride ourselves on our wide knowledge base, and not just concerning music and film but all aspects of the arts and sciences. Sometimes people find us through googled questions but the answers aren’t on the site. Today we’re making that right and giving you—the public—the answers to the important questions that have been keeping you awake at night.

The bold text is the search term that was caused someone to end up here. Spelling and grammar haven’t been fucked with.

mercury music prize anyone won it twice

"i lust you" chart position
No Neon Neon songs have cracked the hit forty. Plus the song is spelled “I Lust U” coz they’re all retro-moderne and shit.

are felicity kendal and rachael stevens related
No.  They're both Jewish though.

"what is the dark knight about?"
The Dark Knight is Batman. In this film he fights the Joker and then Two-Face. There’s no secret, hidden occult meaning to it; it’s a superhero flick.

homoerotic batman art
Have "Batman do handjob and want to suck Superman’s big cock" as a start.

old laide ,s cum
Batman/boy love we’ll help with, but there are limits.

was ist britain pop?
I’m definitely nabbing this for the title of my forthcoming book.

where does ralf little live

wot does the chaffinch aet
Chaffinches eat a variety of seeds and scraps. They can also eat fruits, berries, insects and spiders.

Finally, there’s this question, or really these questions:

robbie graham matthew alford new statesman (3 times)
hollywood matthew alford graham screen shock (2 times)
"robbie graham" "matthew alford"
"robbie graham" "matthew alford" screen
alford graham hollywood shock
alford graham hollywood statesman new
alford graham hollywood statesman new wiki
alford graham new statesman screen
alford hollywood graham screen money
matthew alford "new statesman"
matthew alford hollywood graham screen shock
matthew alford hollywood screen graham, shock
shock matthew alford
the power behind the screen new statesman matthew alford comments

Hello Robbie. Hello Matthew. Good to see you again. You might want to note that your article is discussed here and it’s staying there as is, so there's no need to check it every couple of days, much as we love your visits. Pro-tip: sign up to Google Alerts and in the time you save vanity-searching you can probably dream up another conspiracy theory.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny. It's a great idea, one I've thought of doing before, but never got round to. I think your questions are better, anyway.

Raw Patrick said...

I find it hard to believe that a blog called Lizzyville doesn't get weirder search hits than us....