Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mix Up

Here's two hot mixes chock full of disco re-edit joy.

Ash and Max at Disco Horror have been doing a primo job of documenting the best of the nu-disco scene and have just upped the Fear the Beard mix. Personally, I'm not fearing any beard not attached to Peter Sutcliffe.

This is a direct link to an expansive, dubby mix by American DJ Andrew Allsgood. The tracklist is in the comments section. The unconscious similarity with "Bongo Jam" in the Tontelas track is pretty loveable.

And as a bonus here's Allsgood's re-edit of "Magic Man" by soft rock sisters Heart, one of my most played jams of last year.

Heart - Magic Man (Allsgood Edit) [ysi]

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Raw Patrick said...

Andrew Allsgood - Anti-Freeze Mix.

Origin feat. Shaka – Music man
Legion Of Green Men – Ambrosia Rising
Tontelas – En Do
Double – Woman Of The World (Tanjoterje edit)
Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze Up ( Cosmo’s Teletubby Dub)
The Echolgist – Faith (NY Mix)
Jjak Hogan – Optifreeze
The Hardway Bros. – Deutche Trak
Master C&J – Dub It
Neighbourhood Romeo – Laura Winslow
An-2 – nu boogie (originalboogie)
Chromeo – You’re So Gangsta (Playgroup instrumental)
Sylvester – Band Of Gold (Glimmers edit)
Richard Sen & Cazbee – Cat Dance
Big Two Hundred – Approach And Pass With Contact (Psychonauts remix)
Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (instrumental)