Monday, February 23, 2009

In The Psychiatrist’s Bed – Bon Bon Club

We’ve talked about the Bon Bon Club before on Rocktimists, so who could be better to open our exciting new way of updating with minimum effort feature that we stole from elsewhere.

The new lineup of Sushi Quatro, Chappati Smith and Boozie Sioux took some time out from slathering themselves in pancake makeup and listening to menswe@r to peep at our Rorschach test.

Boozie: House elves from Harry Potter!
Chapatti: Candy 'princess maow maow' the cat

Sushi: This one looks like Chappati
Boozie: 2 garden gnomes playing clapping songs

Boozie: Waiters washing up

Boozie: TROLL
Chapatti: A small toad crawling up a big toad's bum  

Sushi: Release the Bats!
Boozie: Cute fruit bat for sure

Sushi: A hungry, devouring twat
Boozie: I'm sorry but definitely vaginal

Sushi: This reminds me of Bon Bon, the delightful bunny on the cover of our debut 7" single
Boozie: double thumbs-up!

Boozie: Pink bears climbing

Chapatti: the Turin shroud
Boozie: Chinese Dragons

Boozie: Tripping at Le Tour Eiffel

The Bon Bon Club – Love is Blind [ysi]

You can buy one of the last few copies of their seven-inch from Thee SPC records here. This is their MySpace in case you’re still into pretending be friends with bands and all that.

On a related tip here’s a Glass Candy version of “Nostalgia” by The Long Blondes, a band which featured the Bon Bon’s Sushi Quatro (under her government name of Reenie Delaney). I believe it was originally commissioned for a proposed remix 12” that would also have included the Pantha Du Prince mix of “Guilt”.

The Long Blondes – Nostalgia (Glass Candy Remix) [ysi]

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