Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charles Dexter Ward - Threnody for Ron Asheton

Even in the obscured by clods world of ‘noise’ cassette culture Charles Dexter Ward is a tiny figure in an out of the way corner of the landscape; there was one tape of loner-guitar scrapings followed by a couple of beautiful tracks of ahead of/behind the times kraut-synth work (none of which have left a trace anywhere on the internet) followed by some appearances with north-eastern improv crew Truckstop Women, then nothing for almost a decade.

This is his return, a heavy eight-minute howl of lamentation for fallen soldier Ron Asheton; a fire concealed beneath black veils. Not that there’s any too obvious sonic links between Ward’s style here and that of Asheton beyond the long peals of background gtr-wah that cloud the funeral-procession drums. Instead, think the Sun City Girls if they viewed life through the acrid fumes of lousy ex-mining town cannabis resin instead of an opium haze; clangourous arpeggios loosely wrapped in high-end foliage and four-track murk.

So far as I know, Charles isn’t together enough for any web presence but you can contact him here. [Edit: I was wrong, dude does have a MySpace.]

Charles Dexter Ward – Threnody for Ron Asheton [ysi]

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