Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Boredoms – Ant 10 (DJ Lindstrom Remix)

Boredoms are one of those bands that have lasted long enough and burned through enough styles that just about anyone they chose to work with would make sense; from their early hook-up with John Zorn when they were both in their smashtronix phases to various collaborations with the international trip-hop players in the 1990s and the (inevitable) work with Sonic Youth members.

Just out (and sold out already) is a new volume of Super Roots which pits new track “Ant 10” against four remixes. The original “Ant 10” begins in the broiling percussion sea of recent Boredoms before resolving into a kaleidoscopic whirl of circling electric piano and synth lines over four-to the-floor drums, like a super ecstatic jazz-fusion. (The closest I can think of is parts of Alice Coltrane’s astounding Eternity album).

Three of the remixes (including one by the suspiciously named DJ Finger Hat, who returns no Google hits unconnected to Super Roots 10) just splash around in the shallows of the main track; if you want more, they’re more but little else. The other remix, by “DJ Lindstrom” (or, y’know, Lindstrøm) takes us back to the breadth of collaborators that the Boredoms haveworked with as this is an ideal match, Lindstrøm and Boredoms both being experts at the stretched-out cosmic exploration (Lindstrøm and Boredoms’ Eye have both recorded tributes to Manuel Göttsching’s E2-E4, the hour-long 1984 album which marks the point where the autobahn meets the beach).

Lindstrøm thins the drums down to a constant simmer and making space for laserfire syndrums and phased rainbows before uncoiling the seventies squelch and wah, which was buried in the original track, like ribbons behind a gymnast. There's a constant ebb and flow until the final three minutes of loose and squeaky muppet disco-chorus that seems to parody the low vocal calls that begin the original version.

Boredoms – Ant 10 (DJ Lindstrom Remix) [ysi]

To take us out, the stupidest last.fm shoutbox quote for this track, “Goomba4001 wrote ...It still sounds good, but I NEVER THOUGHT THE BOREDOMS WOULD BE MAKING SYNTH POP!!”

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Joshua said...

Um...strange seeing me in this post... I just didn't like how synthy and- well, normal SR10 sounded. Nothing at all what I expected... Also note I only heard a 30 second sample of the song before I said that. :/