Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slow to Speak as Slow to Think

Sometimes in a recession it feels good to celebrate a heroic act of spending. Other times the person doing the spending would be a mark whatever the circumstances.

If you’re spending twelve quid on a pirate 12” repressing of three Devo tracks, that won’t sound any better for the extra vinyl spread coz they aren’t from the master tapes, then y’re a mark. And a schmuck. That goes even if they are ‘curated’ by Terre Thaemlitz, who has gone to the extraordinary trouble of picking the two most famous Devo songs from their most famous album and (here’s the genius) one slightly less wll-known one from their second. You could buy nice second hand copies of both albums for less than the cost of this twelve.

They haven’t even bothered to get the track titles correct. It’s “Mongoloid” not “Mongoloids”.

There’s a whole raft of these 12”s too, all with fake record company logos and “for promotional use only” legend, even though there’s nothing to promote.

If anyone out there has bought one of these, get in touch at the Rocktimists email address and include your bank details because we need to verify your PayPal and ebay accounts.

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mike said...

Ha! SOME OF US still have the original 7" versions of "Mongoloid" and "Satisfaction", as released on Stiff/Booji Boy in 1978...