Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pazz, Jop 2008

Pazz & Jop 2008, the latest iteration of the poll that inspired our own Disastrous Critics Poll is now up on the Village Voice website. Unlike (at least) the previous two years I think I might be the only Brit living in Britain who voted (the other Brit being the NY-based Simon Reynolds). For people that voted and super-aspies there’s also Glenn McDonald’s stat-heavy autopsy of P&J2008.

The results are pretty thrill- and surprise-free, with TV on the Radio winning the albums and M.I.A. the singles. This is probably to do with what seems to be the main trend this year; that going by a whole fucking special section in the comments (“How politics changed how we thought about music, if we thought about music at all”) American critics seemed more obsessed with patting themselves on the back about having played a part in Obama’s victory than ranking records. I get it—you cast a vote! Elsewhere people ponder furrowed browed about the declining fortunes of the rock crit without hitting on the idea that they should perhaps be concentrating on their jobs a bit harder.

On the other hand the boring results might be down to a whole load of douches like Michael Ayers who sez, infront of everyone, no shame, “I didn't get the Bon Iver album when I first heard it. I'm not sure I still get it. But I wanted to get it, because everyone else got it, and I hate feeling left out. So now, I think I get it.”

Or Geoffrey Himes who sez “I don't necessarily vote for the candidates I like the most, but for those good enough to admire and mainstream enough to have a legitimate shot at winning. I didn't really think the Hold Steady and Raphael Saadiq albums were among the 10 best of the year—releases by Bill Frisell, the SteelDrivers, Jon Dee Graham, and David Murray were much better—but I really liked the Hold Steady and Saadiq discs, and I thought they might actually place in the printed lists.” That’s right, he voted for records that were much worse than others he could’ve repped. Put it on the line there Geoff, eh.


louis said...

lol americans tbh

clear the decks for merriweather post pavilion in the '09, at least its depressingly predictable romp will be somewhat obscured by the best-of-Kid A'd wrangling

louis said...

am not sure whether that pun was shite or awesome, please feel free to disabuse me of any pride i might be feeling

Raw Patrick said...

less commenting and more posting plz.

mike said...

I've done a Spotify playlist for the Top 100. Only 10 tracks are missing.