Friday, January 09, 2009

Orgies of Inbreeding

Whilst I love end-of-year polls—a chance to measure what I like against what other people are repping for—I really don’t like the beginning of the year when the magazines and broadsheets run their Exciting! Prospects! For! The! Coming! Year! pieces. I’d like these lists if they were filled with genuine punts and oddities but instead they're compiled by churnlists acting like they know by picking a bunch of artists who’ve had long-term development deals, big advances, PR spend and radio play already in the bag.  The BBC Sound of 2009 is the biggest and this year even comes with a instructional section called “you should love this music because…” just in case one was having any doubts.

So I was getting away from it all and revisiting the past by reading a few blogs from the turn of the last century when I came across a post from Hanns Eisler about 1928’s crop of tips (when Ernst Krenek won) and how the lists “have become downright stock exchanges, where the value of the works is assessed and contracts for the coming season are settled. Yet all this noise is carried out in the vacuum of a bell glass, so to speak, so that not a sound can be heard outside. An empty officiousness celebrates orgies of inbreeding, while there is a complete lack of interest or participation of a public of any kind”.

That said, I’m glad that Little Boots won the BBC poll this year as not only is “Stuck on Repeat” the only song I’ve heard by anyone on the list that doesn’t make me want to harm my ears but it’s one that’s been a fairly constant commute companion for the past few months. Props to her too for linking this el cheapo (and previously unseen by me) vid for Dee D. Jackson’s amazing sputnik-disco track “Automatic Lover”. (She's got no chance of making the O face with that robot much though).


Sick Mouthy said...

Every song I've yet heard by 2009's tips has either sounded EXACTLY like Madonna or else EXACTLY like When Doves Cry. Thank you, tipsters, for giving me the BNM of 1984.

jaunty alan said...

the robot in the automatic lover video i'm sure appeared on Dee D's ToTP performance of this too.