Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Disastrous Rocktimists UK Pop Critics Poll 2008 Wrap-Up

Because we’ve run this one into the ground. But before we finish, a few more things.

Here, here, here and here (jeez, there’s gotta be a more elegant way of doing that) is a thought provoking set of interlocking posts on the nature of end-of-year lists, and the way that they balance individual taste and consensus, all-encompassing greed and purpose. The DRUKPCP2K8, as no-one is calling it, was meant to be find consensus but in the end what I thought would be the clear winner, Fleet Foxes, was left out of both the albums and tracks lists (which listed everything getting 10 points and above). I’m no fan of the prozac Everley Brothers so this doesn’t bother me aesthetically, only because it shows that there was a vast heartland of critics—yer Q and Mojo and Independent on Sunday dadrockers—that we totally missed out on getting to. That did mean, to my delight, that DJ KHAAAAALEEED ended number four in the tracks poll however. At Rocktimists we’re always grindin’

The ballot email also asked critics to name a worst release of the year, the thinking being that what a lot of people love, a lot of other people loathe, and we wanted to see if what people thought was worst was a mirror image of the others best. Most crits out there mustn’t be filled with the same amount of hatred, bitterness and contempt as I am as a lot bowed out of selecting anything and beyond that the only bands to get more than one vote were Glasvegas (3), Foals (2) and Girl Talk (2), all good choices. Notable beyond that were Freaky Trigger’s Tom Ewing, “the actual most reprehensible thing I heard in 08 was Elephant Man’s version of “No Air” as “No Queer”. I really wish I’d left it as an OMG rumour and not actually decided to hear it” (I’ve heard it too and it’s hard to say what’s worse, the virulent hatred of the sentiment or Elephant Man’s physically painful attempts at matching the original singing); William B Swygart with the Strictly Come Dancing House Band’s murder of “Spice Up Your Life”, “not technically a release but I had to sit through it, so it counts” and Peter Parrish’s inadmissible but undeniably correct pick of xkcd, “not an album or a track, but xkcd is the worst thing in any context”. My worst of the year? These New Puritans’ Beat Pyramid CD, the gauntly unacceptable face of fake experimentation.

And entirely unilaterally, here’s the Rocktimists video of the year, posted so I get an excuse to watch it again. My brother heard this in the only pub open in our small Northern home town on Christmas day and I am so jealous.

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who voted or showed support.

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