Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mix Up

Here’s some mixes I’ve been enjoying over the past few days:

The guy behind the legendary-in-certain-circles, handmade 1981 box set has a new(ish) blog posting the 1981 CDs along with further mixes.

Andy Blake of the very much Rocktimism-approved Dissident label helms this months raw and rare train-spotting Mystery Mix on the excellent DJ History site. This is the sneaky direct download link.

Finally, John Burgess of Bugged Out—and founder of a mag that had a big effect on how I listen to dance music, Jockey Slut—has a yacht rock mix up at Resident Advisor.

Speaking of yacht rock, sometimes all a dude wants to do is listen to an instrumental cover of Steely Dan’s Peg with a squelchy keyboard solo. And now you can:

Mike Mandel - Peg

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