Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Way of the Ancients – The Heart of my Bum

Way of the Ancients is a pseudonym for Thomas Bullock, who is someone I hold a grudge against. Why? Because though it may have only cost me 99p, the 7” of “Street Gang” by A.R.E. Weapons that I bought back in 2001 is the most disappointing blind buy I’ve ever made—really fucking weedy and crummy fake-Suicide biz that reeks of the fact that everyone involved is a class A wanker. Except, that is, hopefully for Bullock because away from fake-tuff scum-rock he’s been involved in a lot of music I rate highly—like Map of Africa, his Balearic-biker-rock duo with DJ Harvey, or the Rub’N’Tug Presents Campfire mix, a scuzzy way in-the-red record-skipping live recording with his DJ partner Eric Duncan.

“The Heart of my Bum” (hate that title) is a loose, drawn-out not-quite cover and not-quite edit (though it chops and loops the original recording, there’s also new material added) of Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” that homes in on the hushed organ and floor tom at the start of the track. A return to one of the beginnings of our world, created as a section of a soundtrack for a film by Aussie art team P.A.M. It’s included on the CD that accompanies the latest issue of Yeti mag, which also includes an interview with Bullock. Let’s quote him completely out of context and pretend that he’s talking about this track; “ suits the current momnt of free-for-all with the computers and moving stuff around. It suits the chop-it-up and regurgitate culture we have at the moment”.

Way of the Ancients – The Heart of my Bum

Yeti Magazine’s website is here, but I got my copy from Phonica.

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