Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Glass Candy – Ms Broadway Remix

Glass Candy’s ferociously addictive “Miss Broadway” was my most played track of last year and also my introduction to Belle Epoque’s 1976 original. Strangely it’s the Belle Epoque version that sounds like it could be the scrappy, indie-band-goes-disco cover—the line-up is rock-band trad and ramshackle, the debt to the Bo Diddley beat more apparent and the strings thinner and more elastically expressive than the disco-correct arrangements by Blonde Redhead/John Zorn/Sun City Girls collaborator Eyvind Kang on the newer version.

Whilst Glass Candy work on an album for 2009, the new Italians Do It Better webshop has a compilation Deep Cuts that gathers together a new version of “Miss Broadway” (though she’s now apparently a Ms) along with a bunch of tracks that you may have heard before if you’ve made it yr biz to check out the Glass Candy MySpace.

One of these, “Geto Boys” drops the vocals from Glass Candy’s version of “Iko Iko” (more or less the moment they switched from post-punk to disco) onto the music music from the Geto Boys still staggering "Mind Playing Tricks on Me"(which in turn samples Isaac Hayes’ “Hung Up On My Baby”). An early version of “Stars and Houses” fronts that Canterbury prog was a precursor to disco and the new “Ms Broadway” buries the strings under echoed yelps, flatulent pulse and fake vinyl crackle (something which would bug me from anyone else, but here seems kinda sweet).

Glass Candy – Ms Broadway Remix

Belle Epoque – Miss Broadway

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