Thursday, November 13, 2008

Binary Chaffinch – False Energy (Invincible Scum Remix)

The two volumes of the Veros Artists compilations that Dissident Records have put out this year contain some of the most energetically writhing and jolie-laide dance music released this year. Think thick and soupy low-end textures and hardware machine-drums that sometimes sound like slowed down hi-energy—possibly more like a dogged determination to see the dawn. Label boss Andy Blake says that “if you don’t like arpeggios and acid house then maybe you should stay home”.

They’re also amongst the most unfairly overlooked releases this year since not only do Dissident ignore MySpace and Facebook, they also don’t send out any promos or sell any “nasty little” MP3s. The 12”s that are collected on the Veros Artists sets were usually pressed in single-sided, single-song editions of 200 copies with the thinking that they would be found by the right people.
As Andy Blake says in an interview with the excellent (and strictly paper based) Faith fanzine, “I worked out that we could just about have a functioning label by doing runs of 200 so we just got cracking. With Dissident we can go from finished tune to shop in two weeks which means we can keep things interesting and exciting for us, and hopefully the tiny handful of folk who are into the label”.

The labels ‘hit’ thus far is probably “False Energy” by Binary Chaffinch, a solo project Milo Smee, who is maybe infinitesimally better known as the drummer for prog/metal/disco group Chrome Hoof. The original pressing was only 100 copies but it was reissued as the labels only dbl-sided twelve (I think) with an amazing Invincible Scum remix on the flip which sounds like Hercules and Love Affair lost in Vauxhall at 5am. For eight minutes, relentless low-end grinds the paste-diamond sparkle of the original into silt.

Binary Chaffinch – False Energy (Invincible Scum Remix)

You can buy copies of the Veros Artists compilations mail-order from Phonica or Sounds of the Universe.

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