Friday, October 03, 2008

It's In The Game

It seems to be the common consensus that whilst FIFA always sells more than Pro Evo, it is Pro Evo which is the better game.


This was undoubtedly true in the past, but with PES drifting along through the last few years, releasing seemingly the same game every year with very minor changes, FIFA has been steadily improving each time. Last year's iterations were pretty close, but this year is showing every sign that they may finally be switching places.

The problem facing EA is clear. After years of churning out the same product with superficial updates, they've only got themselves to blame for their reputation. The fact that Konami are now doing the same thing (but don't get called out for it) is pretty perplexing. No matter how fine your laurels, there's really no excuse for resting on them.

The zealotry that surrounds Pro Evo is such that any FIFA game is instantly derided as a case of the same old. It's their loss.

The players still look like zombies though.

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