Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to Six Months Ago

2008 has been The Year 'The Wire' Broke -- even A. A. Gill reps for it now. That's that's no bad thing, in general, but this is some bullshit. I don't think series one was shown in the UK till 2005, so there's an element of making up for lost time, but still, would even The Times ride FX's dick to this extent? More than any other series this is a DVD -- or stored-up torrents -- thing. Once a week is too little. Spending a weekend in the Curzon Soho watching it is just weird, though it perhaps represents the symbolic moment when UK film culture -- the 'zon is housed on the site of London's first ever repertory cinema, 80 years ago -- finally recognized that US television of the past decade has pretty much wiped the floor with US indie and international art-house cinema.

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