Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Requiem For The Music Industry

Just when you thought the music industry could. not. get. any. more. fucking. stupid, all four major labels sign-up to a ridiculous scheme to release music on SanDisk Compact Flash memory cards.

Because another half-arsed "we can, so we will" physical format is just what the music industry needs to save itself from the terminal velocity descent it's locked into. Akon's new album will apparently be released via this new format, which they're calling "slotMusic". Why would you do this? Why?

EDIT: Correction - it's a micro SD card, not a Compact Flash. Which makes all the difference. Because these fit in mobile phones more often.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha: "But the biggest problem, he said, may be that Apple's iTunes and other download services have made customers used to buying a song at a time"

Naughty consumers for wanting to buy music in a way that suits them rather than the industry.

Wayne said...

What a truly extraordinary idea. I mean, have anyone actually seen and used these cards? I have been for a few years now, and they're way to easy to loose.

Why on earth would a record company executive think that buying multiple replacement copies would be a good idea? Oh.