Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oven Gloves Was Perhaps Too Conservative

When Half Man Half Biscuit sang of Joy Division oven gloves they probably thought that they were imagining an untoppable piece of rock memorabilia tat that was completely missing the point of the music that inspired it.  It's time for them to rewrite the song though as even Joy Division oven gloves have some use; everyone cooks sometime. But what possible use can this twenty quid book collecting Joy Division manager Rob Gretton’s notes, diaries and fucking invoices have—other than making aspie pub bores even more intolerable?

Check the picture above. That’s “one of many 'things to do' lists that feature throughout Rob's notebooks”. Other extracts on the website—so one supposes highlights from the book—include “the poster text for Joy Division's gig at The Check Inn, Altrincham”, “a list of equipment made for insurance purposes” and “Another 'to do' list dating from September '79”.

At the risk of seeming crass, anyone who even considers buying this book needs to slip a copy of Iggy Pop’s The Idiot onto the stereo and then make like Ian Curtis.

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