Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And this is me.

Hello, I'm Mike!

Current mood: all excited at being bounced, albeit somewhat unwittingly, into a NEW MOVEMENT!!! (even if vaguely plagued by worries that this might all turn into the rock-crit version of Stuckism).

Current stance: to no small measure of personal surprise (due to a hitherto deep-seated wariness of all that proclaims itself as Big and Important), opting for Elbow, Shearwater and British Sea Power over Katy Perry, Jordin-n-Chris and the chuffing Saturdays any day of the week, pal. So that's, like, a sign, isn't it?

Further evidence of emergent rocktimist tendencies: a pronounced preference for live over recorded music. (Hell, where else do you get to hear analogue?) I hate listening to MP3s over decent sound systems (which is why my last.fm stats are fucked; don't even go there), and Autotune bugs the living shit out of me.

Background: have been diddling around on my blog since 2001 (placing me at the tail end of the First Wave, or at the vanguard of the Second Wave). This led, one way or another, to assorted writing gigs with Time Out London, Slate magazine, the late lamented Stylus (and I see I'm in good company on that score), and ultimately to the glittering apex of my journalistic career to date: regular freelance work for t'local paper. In this guise, I get to attend roughly a gig a week; I get to talk to early 1980s synthpop has-beens on the phone for fifteen minutes and pretend that they're my friends; and I get to expound lots of energy trying to blag promo CDs without having to actually write about them, because it's the toughest trade of all and I can't generally be arsed.

(You also might have spotted me hanging out on ILM, but in a very low-key sort of way. They are all so very clever, and I know my place.)

Proposed modus operandi: for me, accepting Nick's kind invitation is all part of a process of re-connecting with hit-and-run, first-draft-is-the-only-draft blogging, as opposed to serving up neatly turned professional-looking pieces with all the rough edges, pointless parentheses and superfluous adverbs bled out of them. So I'm going to be approaching this venture by opening up the posting window and splurging stuff out more or less as it enters my head. I hope you're all cool with that. (Authenticity and immediacy over painstakingly crafted second-hand approximations of emotion; how appropriate is that?)

Any other comments: I've got a working theory that the woozy, sun-drenched, oceanicaly inspired, wowed-and-fluttered sketches that comprise Lone's Lemurian album (out Monday, and the best release from my adopted home town in flipping yonks) are an uncannily precise aural representation of Cy Twombly's Poems to the Sea series, currently on display at Tate Modern - but it's a theory which I feel disinclined to develop. At this stage.

Is that alreet fer yuz?

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